How to Promote Creativity During Quarantine

Maintaining Mental Health While Under Immense Stress

As the world continues to trek through a post COVID-19 world, we also continue to try and find ways to cope with this stressful situation. In times of such uncertainty, we struggle to maintain control over our daily lives. Rest assured that there are still things you have complete control over even while the ship is sailing choppy waters at the moment. One of these things is fostering creativity.

Whether you consider yourself to be a creative professional like our tenants at The Cigar Factory or not, everyone has the ability to create something beautiful that will also contribute to providing peace of mind and relaxation. 

Ideas to Inspire Positivity and Pure Creation in Isolation

Are you a professional artist? A casual crafter? Don’t worry, there’s something everyone can do in the creative world that will spark some joy.

Create a Space Just for You

Introverts and extroverts alike are starting to feel a little crazy being cooped up with loved ones — or even alone — 24/7. Try creating a space, even if it’s just a corner of a room, that’s only for you. Decorate your space with whatever pleases you that will re-energize and inspire you when you look at it. This space should be away from where you get work done so you can better disconnect. Decorate your space with favorite quotes, music posters, art, a bonsai tree, salt lamp, or zen garden — whatever you want to make it uniquely yours.

Keep a Visual Journal

A thought journal works too, just get whatever is inside of you out on paper. Even if you start drawing and don’t have an idea in mind, just see where that thought pattern leads — you might surprise yourself. Don’t worry about whether your drawings are “good” or not, just create for the sake of creating. Don’t have a point, don’t put any pressure on yourself to create a masterpiece or follow formal rules, just draw whatever comes to mind. Try drawing one entry per day until the end of quarantine and see what comes out. If anything, your journal will serve as an interesting keepsake from a unique time. 

Create an Inspiring Playlist

It sounds simple, but the power of music is undeniable. Think about your favorite song — why is it your favorite? Likely because, in some capacity, it makes you happy. Why not create something that brings you happiness for hours on end? Compile a playlist of your favorite songs and get your tools out, it’s time to create…and take a dance break every now and then.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out these “Pandemic Playlists” from The Atlantic

Alternate Between Quick and Long Projects

Your brain gets tired of working on the same thing for too long. Give it a break by having both short and long projects on your docket to keep it active and inspired. For example, try writing a two sentence horror story (or any genre) one day while taking a break from a more intricate painting, music, writing, or other creative piece that you’re working on. 

Crafting Projects

For those of you who prefer to unwind with crafts, there are a plethora of options out there — especially in light of the current circumstances, it seems. There are plenty of options for those of us who are not artistically talented, but would still like to create. If you’re under quarantine with other members of your household as well, crafts can be a fun, time-consuming activity for kids and adults alike. Examples of crafts that the whole family can do are paint by numbers kits, scratch art, and vision boards.

Practice Your Craft of Choice

Now’s a good time to perfect your preferred craft. Are you an aspiring filmmaker and/or photographer? Take this time under quarantine to practice angles and lighting inside your own home. Artist? Practice drawing different forms using different materials; or, alternatively, use this time to attempt drawing a different style or use unfamiliar materials you’ve been meaning to try. 

Mama Always Said “Creative Is As Creative Does”

Ok, so that’s our own variation of the quote, but the sentiment remains. The power to be creative lies in your hands alone. While there will certainly be days where all you want to do is chill out — and that’s ok, we all need those days  — studies show that fostering creativity can boost health and productivity. Even if you do not consider yourself an artist per se (or even creative in general), there are definitely ways for you to express yourself that will help alleviate the stressors of outside life while connecting with yourself and your loved ones. 

Looking for more tips? Check out The Cigar Factory’s blog on Promoting Wellness While Working From Home During Quarantine.

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