Calling All Chefs and Bakers!

The Cigar Factory LIC Has Available Commissary Space for Rent

Who said our Long Island City office space had to be all business and papers? Certainly not us as we designed this space to cater to all types of creative careers – including culinary! The Cigar Factory LIC is proud to provide a home for two existing bakeries — Levain and Padoca — who cook, prep, and ship orders all from one convenient location. If you’re a culinary entrepreneur with an established bakery looking to expand your business into a commercial commissary space that allows you to create the kitchen space of your dreams and conduct business all from one spot, consider joining the existing culinarians at The Cigar Factory in Long Island City. 

Why Use Commissary Space?

If you don’t want to send out the work to manufacturers and other third-party culinary businesses, consider renting and building out existing commercial commissary space. There you will have room to stretch out and really have the space you need to provide the quality product that you and your patrons love; maybe you’ll even have multiple projects going at once – the world is your oyster when you move to a fully customized commercial space.

The biggest reason people don’t consider commissary/commercial kitchen space is the cost. While this is an understandable concern, weigh the pros and cons of your current situation. Perhaps having limited space is causing your business to bottleneck? Or, worse, even completely putting orders at a standstill. If these issues sound familiar to you, then it might be worth it to research your options, including building your own commissary space. 

How Do I Know If a Commissary Space Is Right for My Business?

Maybe you’ve considered buying a brick and mortar space for your restaurant or bakery. If you must have a retail front, that’s one thing, but consider that this cost can be exponential compared to simply renting commissary space. Renting commissary kitchen space and equipment will cut down overhead costs — not to mention stress — and often come with protections and warranties should anything break, allowing you to focus on putting out a quality product without cutting corners. 

Ultimately, you as the business owner know what’s best for your business, but consider these questions if you’re asking yourself whether or not you need a commercial commissary space. 

  • Is your current situation working for you? Perhaps you are renting a shared commissary space. Is the confinement a detriment to your business? Do you have a contingency plan (or space) in the event that space is not available? With their own private commercial commissary space, business owners don’t have to worry about such events as many places — including Cigar Factory — allow 24/7 access as well as storage space.

How often are you using your current space? If your orders can easily be done from your home kitchen, or if your business is more of a hobby, then maybe renting or building commercial commissary space is not for you at the moment. However, if you’re a more established bakery in need of space to produce bulk orders or complicated dishes on the regular, then a personal commercial commissary space might be something to consider as renting commercial kitchens by the hour is one of, if not the, most expensive options.

Are There Different Types of Commissary Spaces?

Yes! There are many commercial commissary options for businesses in all stages of development. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common commissary spaces available.

  • Shared commercial kitchens. If you rent this type of space, be prepared to share it with multiple people at once. Typically, renters of these spaces have allotted storage areas and times they’re allowed to use it, which can be pretty limiting. If you need to create small batches of product on a less regular schedule, or if you don’t mind these limitations, this might be a good option for your business. 
  • Private commercial kitchens. These types of spaces are reserved for only the renter and their team. The lease is entirely your responsibility as well as keeping up the place. Private kitchen space is a good option for larger food operations with full teams who need to produce orders in bulk.
  • Restaurant kitchen space. Sometimes local restaurants will be amenable to letting smaller operations rent their kitchen space during non-operating hours. This is often a lower-cost option than the first two above, but usually comes without the amenities (parking, etc). Availability can also become an issue as many restaurants open early and close late with many employees still on the premises before or after these hours to help open and close the establishment. 
  • Miscellaneous sources. This is the least preferred option, but an option nonetheless. These sources are often not culinary-focused operations, but rather churches, schools, community centers, etc. These organizations might not always be willing to rent their space out either and it will be your responsibility to ensure the space is up to code and meets all the legal requirements in order to operate your business. Such places don’t usually have the best equipment either and will therefore likely affect your product’s quality. 

What Type of Commissary Space Is Available at The Cigar Factory?

The Cigar Factory offers private commissary space. The space you’d rent would be entirely your own. We offer a “white box” shell that tenants can completely take over and build out with their preferred appliances, additional power outlets, water and exhaust systems, etc to create the commissary kitchen of their dreams. As mentioned, tenants can access the building 24/7 for those that need to work later into the night or must start prepping early in the morning.  

Build Your Dream Commissary Space in Long Island City

The Cigar Factory LIC was created so creative professionals across industries could have their own private space in a building where their inventions, projects, and products could be produced and shared. Join the legion of artists, bakers and other creatives that are already part of our eclectic clientele. All tenants enjoy top-notch amenities and full use of the common areas in addition to their private space. 

Schedule a tour to swing by and see why our existing culinary patrons call The Cigar Factory home. It could be just the perfect fit for you and your business’ needs. 

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