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Get the Creative Juices Flowing This Holiday Season

There’s nothing like New York during the holidays. The city is all cozy and lit up, everyone gets to take some time to breathe and reflect on the year — and what a year it’s been — while spreading love and kindness. There are often so many things going on in the community that it can be overwhelming to try to keep up, especially with most events being virtual this year. We’ve put together a list of creative events happening in Long Island City and surrounding areas during the holiday season that we believe the creative tenants of The Cigar Factory will enjoy. 

For the Artists 

If you love celebrating local as much as we do, you might consider checking out the Native Artist Spotlight Panel that is being put on by Flushing Town Hall via Facebook and Zoom. The panel will celebrate and showcase Native American artists in the Long Island City area. 

For Those Who Are More Hands-On

Get your design on with the Virtual STEAM workshop being put on by the Lewis Latimer House Museum on December 3rd. Those who enroll in the workshop will be tasked with a design challenge to build structures based on the objects they see around them in their home in order to build a unique structure for their community. 

For the Writers

Jonesing for a new book club? Consider attending the newest Reading and Discussion series, Your Silence Will Not Protect You!, put on by the aforementioned Lewis Latimer House Museum. On December 5th from 2:30-4pm, the organization will be discussing the works of Audre Lorde and how her storytelling techniques empower the readers of her work.

For the Chefs

Want to stretch those culinary muscles? On December 5th from 4:30-6pm, Alley Pond Environmental Center is hosting an online class for attendees to learn how to make homemade dumplings from scratch. Led by Diana Kuan, a Brooklyn-based food writer and photographer, attendees will learn how to make tasty dumplings using simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen. All you’ll need is some all-purpose flour, a rolling pin, and whatever you’d like to fill your dumplings with. 

For the History and Culture Buffs

This year, Flushing’s historic Holly Tour is completely virtual! Join in on the fun on December 6th from 3-5pm with arts and crafts, musical performances, plus virtually tour and learn about the charming historical town of Flushing all from your living room!

On December 12th, learn more about Kunqu, a traditional method of Chinese theater that celebrates the culture and heritage of humanity in Kunqu in America: Memories of Chung-ho Chang Frankel. In this virtual experience, the Flushing Town Hall commemorates the legacy of Ms. Chung-ho Chang Frankel, “an amateur devotee of Kunqu”, who emigrated to the US — where she continued to teach the art of Kunqu until her 100th birthday — in 1949. 

The Winter Wonderland of Creativity Awaits

Although the holidays look a bit different this year, that’s no reason to let your creativity stall out. There are plenty of affordable ways to stimulate and grow your creative skills with virtual events! Don’t be afraid to branch out and step outside your comfort zone and try new things, too. For example, maybe cooking isn’t your thing; why not try an online class, like the dumplings above, and see if you like it? 

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